Chaliyar River Challenge 2017

Chaliyar River Challenge 2017 is the third annual paddling event promoting the usage of our rivers for recreational and adventurous usage and create a connection to the river with school children, youngsters and families. The starting point of the event is from Nilambur, located on the foothills of Western ghats and Silent valley national park and close proximity to Nilgiris. The ending point is beypore port where the river meets the sea.

"Chaliyar River Challenge 2017" is the third annual event to help raise both awareness and funding to clean up the rivers.

We will start from Nilambur in Malappuram district and travel 8 kms and in the next two days 30 kms each and it will end when we reach Beypore in Kozhikode district, where the river meets with the Arabian sea It's a 68km, three day adventure, a "leave no trace" camping concept, its a really fun way to get the whole family out, with people of all different levels, from beginners and non swimmers to well established watersports enthusiasts. We will have an outdoor chaliyar music festival during our trip, many stops along the way, everyone is welcome. See you on the water!

Kayaking Challenge

We will start from Nilambur in Malappuram district and travel 8 Kms the first day and over the next two days 30 Kms each ending in Beypore in Kozhikode district, where the river meets with the Arabian sea. It's a 68km, three day adventure.

People of all different levels are encouraged to participate- from beginners and non swimmers to well established water sports enthusiasts.

For those on the water for the first time, kayak lessons will be offered on the first day to prepare you for the adventure. Stand up paddlers are also invited to join our SUP contingent.



At the end of a day of kayaking, we will set up camp, have a bonfire, healthy yummy food, some activities and games and get ready for the next great day of camping.

This event is a "leave no trace" camping concept.Leave No Trace refers to a set of outdoor ethics promoting conservation in the outdoors. It is built on seven principles:

  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize campfire impacts
  • Respect wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors

Each participant will be given a one person tent at check in. We will have leaders around to help out new comers to the world of outdoor activities.

We will have eco-toilet wagon-it’s the ideal combination of comfort and functionality to accommodate full facilities for everyone who refuses to compromise on comfort and hygiene.

Chaliyar Music FESTIVAL

An extraordinary outdoor chaliyar music festival created to celebrate our rivers and the kayaking challenge. We have four incredible bands lined up for this year's gig. Organizers have teamed up with musicians keen on promoting outdoor eco activities and conservational themes.

This fun, family friendly festival is for everyone who enjoys good music and is concerned for our mother nature, rivers, pollution and conservation activities.

Venue: Malabar Marina Cheruvennur located on the banks of the Chaliyar river near Feroke Old Bridge

Date & Time: Sunday September 24 Gate open at 5pm, Show starts at 7pm

Tickets: 1000 Rs. - early bird 1500 Rs. after Aug 20.

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Chaliyar River Challenge’s is equally an environmental rally and a participant gets the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the adverse effects of pollution in the river. The organizers of the event have made extra effort to maintain “reduce reuse recycle “and “leave no trace “concepts throughout the event and its activities.

During the entire 68 km and 3 days journey, during breaks, participants will be welcomed by and gets the opportunity to interact with the resident nature groups, school children, NGO’s, fishermen groups, public representatives & social groups for nature talk to promote awareness on the need for conservational activities and protect our rivers.

Above all, the participants are encouraged to collect as much floating garbage as practically possible while paddling and bring them to the shore at the end of each day and the collected waste will be gathered and sent for recycling. The target this year is to collect at least 1 ton of garbage through this initiative.



      10:00 AM - Registered participants report at Nilambur, Manavedan HSS parking lot

      10:30 AM - Equipment & Team allotment, team leads introduction

      11:00 AM - Beginner’s paddling training & safety briefing sessions

      01:00 PM - Lunch break

      02:00 PM - Meet and greet local school nature groups and Official Event flag off at the riverfront

      02:30 PM - Start of day 1 paddling to Mampad Regulator Bridge

      05:00 PM - End of Day 1 paddling and proceed to campsite

      07:00 PM - Group Yoga / supper / unwind

      09:00 PM - Lights off & retire


      05:00 AM - Wake up & proceed to the riverfront

      06:00 AM - Start of Day 2 paddling

      08:00 AM - Breakfast stop at Edavanna Seethi Haji bridge and meet with local nature groups

      09:00 AM - Start paddling from Edavanna

      10:00 AM - break at Pavanna area to meet with local school groups

      10:15 AM - Start paddling

      2:00 PM - Lunch break at South Puthalath Area near Areekode

      02:00 PM - Start paddling

      02:30 PM - Break to meet with local school & nature groups

      02:45 PM - Start paddling

      05:00 PM - Reach day 2 campsites Murinjaad Island, opposite Edavannappara area

      05:30 PM - reception by local residents and social groups and update local river conservation activities

      06:00 PM - set up tents, yoga/ supper/ music & unwind

      09:00 PM - retire


      05:00 AM - Wake up

      06:00 AM - Start of Day 3 paddling

      07:00 AM - Refreshment break at Cheruvadi area to meet and greet the local conservation group

      07:15 AM - Start paddling

      08:15 AM - Breakfast stop before the Kavanakkallu Regulator Bridge area

      08:45 AM - Cross the regulator bride on ladders ( toughest hurdle)

      09:15 AM - Start paddling

      10:15 AM - Break at Thiruthiyaad to meet with Chaliyaar Doha and Local nature groups

      10:30 AM - Start paddling

      11:30 AM - Refreshments break at Raviz

      11:45 AM - Start paddling

      12:45 AM - Lunch break at Jelly Fish Watersports campsite Kolathara-Cheruvannur area

      02:45 PM - Start Paddling from Jellyfish

      04:45 PM - Arrive at Beypore Estuary- Pulimutt marina for ending the event

      05:00 PM - event closing ceremony / meet & greet officials

      05:30 PM - Start paddling to the music festival venue

      06:15 PM - Arrive at Malabar Marina

      07:00 PM - Join the music revelers and kick off the music festival

      11:00 PM - End of festivities


Your establishment will not want to miss this amazing opportunity to have your name associated with the cause of cleaning Kerala Rivers. Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits are mentioned below.

trains from major cities


Bangalore train leaves Thursday 8:00 PM arrives Friday morning 7:30 AM in Kozhikode. Leaving 7:00 PM Sunday arriving Bangalore 8:00 AM.

Better- so they can see the show, is to leave on Monday 7:00 PM arrive 8:00 AM Tuesday Bangalore.


There is a train from Mumbai leaving 8:00 AM Thursday Sept. 21, arriving 7:00 AM Kozhikode on Sept. 22. Leaving Monday Sept. 25 12:10 AM arriving 11:00 PM in Mumbai.


There is a train leaving Chennai on Thursday at 8:20 PM arriving in Calicut at 8:00 AM - Mangalore Mail train #12601. There is a train leaving Calicut on Sunday at 8:00 PM arriving in Chennai at 8:00 AM or better is Monday 25th 2:00 AM arriving in Chennai at around 3:00 PM on Monday.


KAYAKing challenge
(22-24 SEPTEMBER-2017)


“Inclusive of event participation fees, Kayak rental, tent, PFD (Lifejacket), food, refreshments for all 3 days and entry fee to the chaliyar music festival”.


Has Own Kayak?

Registration for Kayaking Expedition has been closed

(24 SEPTEMBER 2017)


For students 500

“Student will be required to show valid student ID at the entry”.

General Student

Registration for MUSIC FESTIVAL has been closed