In the beginning, India lived on rivers.
Rivers have been our life blood.

Clean Rivers Initiative aims to inject life back into our rivers.
Bring the River back to India.

River pollution is something that everybody is aware of and what many people, whether due to sheer ignorance or lack of education of the consequences or even knowingly, are involved in today. The boom of the urban population and tourism activities has directly contributed to the destruction of the river bed and its resources. CRI aims at changing this. The initiative believes that many have not experienced the true essence of the beauty of our Rivers, and that we can collectively protect and restore our river heritage. CRI also aims to promote building of proper waterfront amenities involved in water based tourism activities with the help of Rural Village authorities, Panchayats and even NGO's.

1. What is CRI?

CRI is a call to action. We started it as three people who took our waters seriously. All three of us are kayakers from different fields of life who want to promote the conservation of our waters through water sports. Today CRI is open for anyone who aligns with our goals.

2. What do we do?

Primarily we raise awareness of the needs of our rivers. We want to highlight things we take for granted. Through Watersports and events around the river, we want to bring people back to our roots, to what gives us life and nature.

3. What is our mission ?

The Chaliyar river was once devastated by companies that exploited its water and returned effluents. But through the dedication of the locals, these factories were shut down and now we kayak down the river every year. What if we could reclaim our rivers? What if we cleaned our oceans? Not just in Kerala but across the country. That is our mission.

4. What have we learned?

People care. Youngsters are more aware these days than the previous generation. We need to keep them on that path. At most stops along the river Challenge we meet with local kids and tell them about our journey. First step is awareness. The second step is making it aspirational. And the people see us and they want to do their bit.

5. How can you support us?

First and foremost - get back in touch with nature. Our ancestors didn't farm on Facebook, they moved closer to rivers because it was our lifeblood. Second, come join our annual Chaliyar river Challenge. It's a great way to reconnect with nature. Third, if you can't come yourself, share news of the event to your friends or family. Or sponsor one of the locals who wants to participate.

6. Who is affected by pollution and garbage in the rivers?

You are. Yes you. Scientists recently concluded that sustainability alone will not save the planet we have to look to regenerate. You see this is the temperature rise, in the changing monsoons and it starts with that packet of chips you throw in the road when no one is looking.